Friday, January 28, 2011

Danger Signs In A Marriage

"Is my marriage over?" "Am I losing the man I love?" "Will I be the next victim of a ruined relationship?" If these are the questions that keep bothering you almost everyday, then it cannot be denied that there is really something wrong with your marriage.
Marriage is something that needs taking care of. You have to have love, trust, and patience in order to make a marriage work. Constant communication is also required for a marriage to last. So many marriages fail because the persons involved don't have an idea on how things should be done. "Is my marriage over?" Yes it may be so if you see the followings signs happening. These signs can roughly tell you if the marriage is already nearing its end. If these signs become evident then it is now time to get serious and fix the marriage before everything becomes too late.
Sign #1: Love is No Longer in the Air: Without love, it will be very hard for a relationship to last. Love is always the answer. A relationship where couples are only obliged to stay together because of their children is not meant to last. You may ask, "Is my marriage over?" Yes it is if there is no more love between you and your partner. Staying together because out of obligation will only make the couples suffer more emotionally. It is better to part ways if there is no more chance instead of trying too hard to fix a marriage that is already beyond fixing.
Sign #2: Absence of Intimacy: Intimacy is important in a marriage. Absence of intimacy is one sign that a marriage is already on its end. When it comes to marriage, maintaining intimacy with each other is very important. You may sleep on the same bed however if there is no more intimacy, then you already know the answer to your question "Is my marriage over"?
Sign #3: Constant Fighting: If you constantly fight with just about anything even the less important matters then it's already a sign that the marriage is heading for a downfall. Constant fighting can mean that you no longer find peace with each other and manifest it through fighting and bickering. If you would rather fight and shout at each other than sit down and talk about it then it's already a sign of a marriage that cannot be fixed. "Is my marriage over?" Sadly yes, and this is much better than to continue living on the same roof with only hatred in your hearts.
Sign #4: Your Partner, The Stranger: Suddenly, he becomes someone different, a stranger. You suddenly wake up one day and no longer know the man sleeping beside you. You no longer see him as the man you have chosen to love. If you suddenly find yourself wondering whatever happened to the guy you have promised to cherish for the rest of your life, then there is definitely a problem. "Is my marriage over"? There is a big possibility of your marriage nearing its end if you will not do anything about it.

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