Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marriage in Trouble Signs

Here are some signs that will help the couple decide that marriage should be worked out:
1.You do not find your partner lovely, and think of him/her as annoying instead.
2.You go over the same arguments again and again.
3.You no longer walk holding hands. There is a space between the two of you while walking.
4.Your husband changes his appearance with his new polo shirt, sprays cologne over his body and shaves often.
5.You have different activities for a day instead of watching TV together and do walking early in the morning.
6.You sleep with different bed or worst, on different rooms.
7.You no longer laugh at your own mistakes; instead find the mistake as a bullet point for your partner during an argument.
8.You consider the married life as a routine and not a commitment.
9.You no longer ask your partner how his/her day was.
10.You focus more on the flaws of your partner and become defensive when being noticed.
11.You feel like you are the only one who is reaching and working out for the marriage.
12.When a partner is asked where he/she came from, he/she gets mad and accuses the partner of being too malicious.


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